Snow White and Prince Charming went out on their second date - hearts aflutter. Prince Charming admitted his feelings were growing. White then cosied up to Charming, and just as things got intimate *SNAP*. Snow got a couple selfie she had waited all evening to capture. She swiftly uploaded to her Snapchat, Instagram and Facebook. Captioned ‘Date night with my handsome xx’. Charming looked slightly disappointed as she spent the rest of the evening replying to all the comments that ensued.

Just think: what kind of fairytale could ever end in wedding bells if this kind of technological fiasco happened. Since smartphones and selfie culture have become the norm, the codes of dating (especially with the younger generations) are changing. A good rule of thumb is, if it’s not a quick picture or an emergency, you really shouldn’t be on the phone. Not only is it rude, but it means you’re missing out on a magical date. There was a study completed by psychologists at the University of Essex which revealed that even if the phone wasn’t being used, but was somewhere in sight, it disrupts meaningful conversation and decreases the quality of your relationship. Yikes.

A few handy tips which may help if your phone is more attached to you than your partner:

  1. Put your phone on silent so it won’t interrupt the romance.
  2. Keep it in your pocket or bag. Out of sight, out of mind.
  3. If you really-absolutely-positively have to text or call someone, do it discreetly. Excuse yourself to the bathroom.

Remember that you can see your phone any time you choose, but not your partner.

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