When people think of Long Distance Relationships (LDR) doom and gloom may spring to mind. There aren’t any obvious benefits of these relationships apart from more time to watch Married at First Sight without unnecessary judgement (yus!)

Whether you’re in Auckland and they’re in Rotorua, or you’re in Japan and they’re in London, your relationship should stay strong despite the distance.

1.  Set the rules - it’s going to be harder for both of you in different ways and your expectations will change with time. It’s important to establish your communication patterns, and when you’ll be completely dedicate your time to them.

2. You will feel quite lonely - the picture perfect relationship spells a king-size bed with two people in them. When you don’t get that, you really notice it. Being alone can really suck. But only if you dwell on it for long enough. Make time to do something exciting - even outdoors. Nobody wants to know the kind of ‘lonely’ person that Akon would make a song about.

3. It’s really really hard - there will be many times you’ll doubt if it’s all worth it. We hope you think it is. They say that absence makes the heart grow fonder (or desperate).

4. Good communication - even more so than normal. Texting, calling, skyping (or even Snapchatting) are going to become well used during your time apart. Send the ‘good morning’ and ‘good night’ texts to show you’re thinking of them. It may seem like such a simple and overlooked thing, but it makes all the difference when silence can seem scary.

5. Jealousy - when you see photos of them with others, you’re going to see that little green eyed monster in the mirror. Nobody likes to feel like they’re missing out on time with their significant other, and LDRs accentuate these feelings. Spend time with some of your friends and family to keep your other relationships ticking along. It will also take your mind of your partner's fun time with others.

6. Visit often - ‘often’ for your schedules may be once a week or once a month. Whatever can be managed will create all the difference. You’ll start counting down the days until your next meet up. Trust us, the visits are worth it.

7. Have a really special date night planned - when you do get the opportunity to meet, the time should be really magical. What could be more romantic than a special date night planned ahead. At Our Date Nite, we’ve got all sorts of packages which would really put the spark in your romantic kindling. From dining to getaways, mountain biking to hiking - you’ll definitely feel the chemistry.

Long distance relationships can seriously be one of the hardest things yours could possibly face. But when you question why you’re doing it, the answer should be blatantly obvious: You love them, and they love you.


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