‘Want to go out for a drink?’, the casual line many romantic encounters start with. It can seem harmless to enjoy a few drinks, but there are some points to make sure the alcohol is an enjoyable experience, not a regrettable one.

Wait for your date before you drink

Just like you wouldn’t start a game of tenpin bowling before your date arrives, you also wouldn’t start drinking. If you do, alarm bells might be going off in their head ‘how many have they had?’ or  ‘are they normally this impatient?’. Waiting means you have the perfect ice-breaker ‘what drink are you going to get?’. If you’re feeling like you need something beforehand, ask for a water (sparkling perhaps?)

Choose your drinking style

Early in the relationship, you’ll want to impress. Does that mean you should down a whole keg of beer and prove your ability to drink your date under the table? Probably not. Order something you truly like to drink, whether is a glass of vino, beer or a cheeky cocktail. Bonus points if you can explain to your date the origin of your alcohol of choice - it can make for interesting conversation.

Sip don’t gulp

Unless you’ve got a liver of steel, you’ll want to sip at your drink. Aside from the fact that the drink will last you longer, it also shows you’re good at ‘taking things slow’. Sipping means there’s more room for conversation, and shows your date that you’re enjoying their company (and not just the inebriation!)

Be comfortable with your limits

Drink what you enjoy, but don’t enjoy drinking too much. Doing so could result in a trashy mess of pure ‘Hangover’ proportions! The date should be memorable, not a drunken blur.  If you’re reliant on science, check out this handy tool https://www.autoevolution.com/bac/

It’s important to remember that your body has its limits and it’s good to respect them (and your date!). So eat, drink, be merry and enjoy the date night.

For some great date ideas, check out the following:

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-       Seaplane flight to Waiheke with Man o’ War wine tasting

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