To many around the world, Gandhi is a perfect example of human compassion and wisdom. But did you think that he would make a great relationship coach for you and your partner? Through the extraordinary hardships he endured, Gandhi developed amazing nonviolent mantras which would assist any kind of relationship - even yours.

 1.  An eye for an eye makes both of you blind

Gandhi was a firm believer in peaceful communication - anger and violence generally gets people nowhere. Couples that use manipulative or angry expressions of retaliation will only bruise and harm their relationship in the long run. It’s been proven that couples who support each other, and use positive affirmations, will survive hardships much better.

Gandhi never gave in to anger and instead used patience and compassionate thought to get through the struggles he faced.

 2. Be the change you want to see in the relationship

Gandhi believed that people should take responsibility for their actions and thoughts - your relationship is no different. Instead of blaming your partner for their flaws, assess the whole situation as they’re only half the equation. In heated situations it’s easy to point the finger at your partner instead of thinking about how your traits affect the situation. Complaints are often unhelpful but self-improvement will move your relationship to a better place and encourage your partner to improve too.

 3. Couples need to speak up about problems

While Gandhi was a peaceful man - he also was a firm advocate for speaking up against things he felt strongly about. By doing the same, you are demanding your partner’s attention and respect. This can take practice to do so in a calm manner, but it’s important for intimacy and understanding of each other.

 4. Where there is love, there is life

This goes without saying, a loving relationship is a relationship you want to live in forever. Love is the maker of life, and without it the world would be a pretty bleak place. There are many ways to get the heart pumping, exhilarating love back into your relationship. Simple, regular date nights are one way to engage both of you in a way you wouldn’t get in your normal home environment.


Gandhi was pretty onto it right? His words have inspired many on how to improve their relationship with others and themselves. So be patient, kind, open and loving and you will notice the difference in your relationship.

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