At Our Date Nite, our role is to provide ideas and experiences for you to enjoy together, but understanding why date night is an essential asset is also crucial towards maintaining a strong partnership.

There is an abundance of research and literature on how regular date nights are a fundamental tool towards maintaining strong relationships. Here are five of the most commonly discussed benefits.

1.  Communication

In today’s frantic world where communication can sometimes boil down to the nuts and bolts of everyday living, date night provides a quiet opportunity to discuss the things that are really important. This can be the good stuff, like talking about shared dreams and future plans, but using date night to talk through some of the hard stuff, like finances or concerns, is also incredibly beneficial to your relationship.

2.  Novelty

Remember when you first met your partner and there was a fission of excitement every time you saw or thought about them? This feeling can often disappear over time, but date night can help to bring some of this feeling back. Don’t get sucked into thinking this can be achieved by just a quick bite to eat and a movie; the aim is to do something brand new and challenging. Capture the excitement and joy of your first dates and pretend you’ve only just met.

3.  Eros

You swore this would never happen when you first got together, but sadly, after many years, erotic love does decline and finding it again may seem impossible. Date nights that provide a setting and experience to rekindle the spark can keep the heat of love stoked over the long haul

4.  Commitment

If you are married, no doubt this word was in your wedding vows, yet commitment is often forgotten in today’s world. Commitment includes putting one another first and focusing on togetherness. Take a good hard look at your relationship. If it seems like you walk divergent paths often, regular date nights can help to set you both back on the same track again.

5.  De-stress

Stress is a difficult one as often it is not related to your relationship, but rather the stress of your job, family and finances. And this can have a catastrophic effect on you as a couple. Not enough hours in the day may be one of your stressors, but making the time to enjoy time together and escape the day-to-day grind is essential. This does require discipline as it’s important not to slip into the habit of dwelling on your stress during the date itself. Use date night as a magical cure to leave the bad stuff at home for a few hours.

Although this all may sound good in theory, do regular date nights really help your relationship? The numbers say yes. A study carried out by the University of Virginia* bears testament to the important of having ‘couple time’. Husbands and wives who engaged in couple time with their partners at least once a week were 3.5 times more likely to reporting being ‘very happy’ in their marriages, compared to those to enjoyed less time together. With those results, date night sounds like a great idea to us!


*Source: The National Marriage Report, University of Virginia, 2012

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