How it Works

  1. Choose an experience using the Buy Now button.
  2. Once you have purchased your experience, you will be issued a voucher with a unique code. The voucher includes details on how to book the experience, and full details of what's included.
  3. The voucher does not include any cost information, so it can be given as a gift to your loved one, family or friends.  You can print a copy, or save and send as a pdf document in an email.

How do I redeem my voucher?

Each voucher issued will contain details of who to contact to book your experience.
If you would like assistance with this process, contact the Our Date Nite team on 0800 DATE NITE, or 

If I want to book an experience for a particular date, how do I do this?

Contact the Our Date Nite team on 0800 DATE NITE, or
We can check availability for you prior to buying the experience.

What if I want to arrange something special?

We offer a range of Concierge Services. Click here to see how we can help make your Date Nite even more memorable. 

If I can't find the exact experience to suit my requirements, can Our Date Nite help me?

Yes, the team at Our Date Nite have contacts throughout New Zealand.  We will be able to create the perfect experience for you.
Contact us on 0800 DATE NITE, or