Our Date Nite offers a range of unique experiences for busy couples that are designed to delight, and make their time together memorable.

We are constantly looking to work with companies that can offer experiences allowing clients to look and feel special. Whether it is an experiential dining package, a weekend getaway, or an exclusive activity, if you are able to provide a unique experience that leaves a lasting memory then we want to work with you!

What can we offer:

REVENUE: We can increase existing revenue streams and work with you to introduce new revenue streams

BRAND POSITIONING: An Our Date Nite experience will have the expectation of uniqueness and providing a lasting memory. If you have a loved brand, we want to support that positioning.

COST SAVINGS: We’ll do the marketing via the website and our distribution partnerships to get your packages in front of the target market

If you have a great idea for a Date Nite package, or you are a supplier that can offer a unique and memorable experience, then please contact us:


0800 DATE NITE (0800 3283 63 freephone in New Zealand)